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Latest News

2014/07/19 22:29
Instant Payment

We have enabled instant payment on Perfect Money payment processor.
2014/07/06 22:06
Again we have bought 1 year subscription.
2013/07/03 23:48
1 Year Subscription

We have bought 1 year subscription now :)
2013/06/16 11:26
Direct Referral Contest

Started weekly direct referral contest. Visit forum for more details.
2013/06/16 10:41
Add funds Promo
Get 150% to your purchase balance

Ex: If you add $10, you will receive $15 to your purchase balance.
2013/06/16 10:32
Now we accept Paypal, Payza, Okpay, Egopay.
2013/06/12 18:22
Now, you can request payout via OKPay.
2013/06/05 21:29

We accept OKPAY Now
2013/02/16 12:57
Instant Payment

We have enabled Instant Payment for Liberty Reserve.
2013/02/13 20:43
Direct Referral Contest

We have started our next contest. visit forum for more details.
2013/02/03 17:35
Good News

We served more than 1,00,000 advertisement clicks. Thank you for all your support.

Happy earnings to all.
2013/01/20 20:09
1000 Members

We have reached 1000 members.
Thank you very much for your support. I am sure this site will grow big and will remain as stable site.
2013/01/19 15:48
Paypal Added

Now you can add funds via Paypal also.
2013/01/13 16:59
Contest #1 Ended

Winners of first contest has been declared.Check the forum for details.Get ready for the next contest.
2013/01/13 16:57
Cheat Link has been activated

Cheat link has been added.If you click on cheat link, your account will be suspended for three days.This is really necessary to deal with the bots.
2013/01/10 23:55
Add Funds Promo

Get 150% to your purchase balance.

Add $1, u will get $1.5 to your account. There is no minimum amount restriction.
If you wish to add fund via Payza, open a support ticket.
2013/01/10 00:12
Contest #1

Guess the number and post your reply to win $1

Click here
2013/01/06 23:57
Purchase Contest

First purchase contest has been started.Check the forum for details.
2013/01/06 23:56
Happy News

Payza payment processor will be added soon.Then you can add and withdraw funds via Payza.
2013/01/06 23:54
Welcome to PTC 4 life

Welcome all to the site.Lets make it as a great PTC site for every ones life.
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